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Moss Hart was born today on October 24, 1904, one-hundred-twelve years ago. That's a long time. Long enough to fade into oblivion, especially taking into consideration that some men who were elected President of the United States barely left a mark. But in his time (and beyond it) Moss Hart was a very famous name, especially for a writer and director, whose main prominence was in the theatre. But such were the times. Broadway's movers and shakers were of paramount interest to people, with columnists in newspapers across the country dedicated to recording the comings and goings of its denizens. Ordinary people outside the parameters of show business were once able to tell you without fail who


Was there anyone more well-liked in the Broadway community than Jerry Orbach? I'll go further and include the film and television community. Hell, how about the entire community of New York City? The stories of police men and women calling out to him on their street beats and out of patrol cars, in deference to his longtime portrayal of Detective Lennie Briscoe on Law & Order, attest to both his likability and approachability. Jerry Orbach as Lennie Briscoe on Law & Order, twelve years running (1992-2004) Born in the Bronx on this day, Jerome Orbach was the son of Leon and Lexy Orbach, both of whom had brief flirtations with show business. His dad had been a stringer in vaudeville and his mo


Originally named the Stuyvusant Theatre, the Belasco (as it is known today) first opened this week 109 years ago back in 1907. It was with an operetta called A Grand Army Man, co-written by David Belasco, who had built it to house his own productions. As a popular producer-playwright, he aided its architect as well in designing a ten-room duplex penthouse apartment that adorned it. Renaming the theatre for himself in 1910, it proudly stands today ready for its next tenant, the seventh Broadway revival of Tennessee Williams’s The Glass Menagerie, this time with Sally Field as the indomitable Amanda Wingfield. The Belasco boasts my favorite interior of all the Broadway theatres. Perhaps it's b


Back from a week of London theatregoing (nine shows in six days) and it hardly takes a wizard to report that the magic that makes up Harry Potter and the Cursed Child—Parts One and Two, currently playing to sold-out audiences in London's West End—will be the next big thing whenever it arrives on Broadway. And by big, I mean Hamilton-big. There is no doubt it will settle in for profitable and long run, delighting thousands upon thousands of children and adults. For what J.K Rowling, the progenitor of all-things Harry Potter and her fellow British collaborators, the playwright and screenwriter Jack Thorne and John Tiffany, the award-winning director of the musical Once, have pulled off is an a

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