With the goal in mind of mixing his personal story with

the theatrical history of this time, RON HAS been engaged

for the past four years in conversation with many of the great artists who were either part of this era,

or were sitting in the cheap seats themselves,

watching it unfold just as he did.


Below is a sampling of those with whom he spoke:

actors, writers, directors, composers, lyricists, producers

and designers. all of whom lent their time generously...

and shared a bit of themselves as well.



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John Cunningham

“I was in Company for Hal Prince, and was invited to the opening night of Follies and I will never forget when it was over and my companion turned and said to me, ‘I think we’ve just seen the last musical.’ Meaning I don’t know what else you can do… how much more can be done in this form that would expand what this show has achieved? And that was more than forty years ago and I still think it's true."